Classes resume at FECCA on Tuesday, December 6th

Classes resume on Tuesday, December 6th as per the Minister of Education's announcement on December 5th.  Please be advised that NSTU 'Work to Rule' will be in affect.  Click on the link to find more information regarding 'Work to Rule' at FECCA.

  • Supervision of students will begin 30 minutes before classes start at 8:10am and end 20 minutes after classes end at 3:00pm.  Please do not drop off/pick up students outside this time frame as there will be no supervision and the school will not be open.  
  • The health and safety of all students will continue to be a priority and as such students will be supervised at all times throughout the day.
  • The Breakfast program will continue to run as per normal.
  • Community groups will continue to use our school building during the day and/or after-school hours as per normal.
  • Co-op placements will be modified to align with the school day.  Therefore students will only be permitted to be on placements from 8:20am to 3:00pm.
  • From 8:10am to 8:20am students are to proceed directly to the cafeteria as this will be the only supervised area during this time.